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The Rincons Realty & Investments, LLC is named after a trusted name in Tucson. When you’re in the heart of Tucson, you can’t miss the familiar sight of the majestic Rincon Mountains. Visible no matter where you aer in the city, they stand tall in the distance and serve a constant reminder and fitting symbol of the area’s natural beauty and rich history.

As lifetime residents, Jose and Adriana Rincon are proud to share their name with this well-known landmark. With their love and beauty and friendliness of their hometown, they see the mountains as a source of inspiration to make the most of every opportunity and continually reach new heights. It is only fitting that Jose and Adriana have established a reputation as a leading real estate team in the Tucson area. With their combined experience, positive approach and passion for helping people realize their dreams, Jose and Adriana are a familiar and trusted name for quality service and results. As lifetime residents of the Tucson area, Jose & Adriana Rincon are dedicated to their community and to helping others make the most of the opportunities in this corner of the world.

Now they are proud to announce the formation of their new company, TR Realty & Investments. TR Realty & Investments, LLC is pleased to introduce Audrey Garigan as a new member of the team.

While continuing to bring quality service in the residential sales, resale and new constructions, they will also provide services in commercial sales and leasing, and property management.

Undoubtedly, we are in the midst of the most trying and challenging real estate market in our generation’s history. Foreclosures, Short Sales, Loan Modifications, Loan Work-outs, and Bailout Provisions are terms completely absent from any Real Estate discussion just a short time ago. The need for professional assistance to maximize your Real Estate goals, minimize your downside, and identify opportunities is essential. We would welcome the opportunity to assist you in this process.

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